Civic Leadership at The Boston Foundation

May 9, 2013

The Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society is pleased to announce the publication of Changing the Game: Civic Leadership at The Boston Foundation, 2001-2012, by Paul S. Grogan, President and CEO of The Boston Foundation.
The essay traces the development of The Boston Foundation’s civic leadership model and the Foundation’s evolution into a powerfully engaged, influential player in Boston and across Massachusetts, and suggests approaches that other foundations can adapt to use to achieve comparable results.
Grogan describes the changes The Boston Foundation has undergone during the twelve years of his leadership. He elucidates the Foundation’s new approach to effecting community change, including expanded staff capacity, a greater reliance on data and research, a proactive relationship with local media, greater and more consistent public sector engagement, and fundraising efforts broadened to include operational support for the Foundation’s work. He examines in detail the Foundation’s research-driven efforts to improve housing and education policy in Greater Boston.
Reflecting on the many ways in many community foundations have evolved to become key leadership institutions in their locales, Grogan concludes, “The days of quiet philanthropy are behind us.”
The online edition is being posted simultaneously on the websites of both the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society and the The Boston Foundation. A free hard-copy edition will be available from the Center and from the Foundation in late May.

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