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America Reimagined

November 4, 2009

Every year, the quaint seaside town of Camden, Maine is transformed into a festival of ideas. Just before the local inns and restaurants shutter themselves against the long, cold winter, they host a gathering of leading artists, technologists, musicians, authors, scientists, and social innovators—the hundreds of participants who make up the PopTech community. The centerpiece of PopTech is a three-day symposium conducted in the beautifully restored nineteenth-century Camden Opera House.

No Solicitation, Please

November 3, 2009

Today in Detroit, Independent Sector is once again assembling an impressive assembly of grantmakers, nonprofit leaders, business executives and public officials at its annual conference. This gathering will confront the most pressing issues facing the nonprofit sector, our nation, and in particular our most troubled cities, like the Motor City itself.

Get Out and Vote!

November 2, 2009

All across the nation, voters will be heading to the polls tomorrow. Although it’s not an election to compare with last year’s epic Presidential campaign, there are important races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and mayoral races in New York, Houston, Miami, and several other large cities. While it may not be the most important election in history, every election should be conducted vigorously. And nonprofit organizations should be central players in educating and organizing constituents to participate in elections.

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