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Striking a Balance Between Supply and Demand

February 15, 2010

In this series of blogs, I’m going to discuss the problem of the lack of balance in funding service-providing nonprofits and funding those that engage not only in some sort of advocacy, but activel

Elements of a New Paradigm: Beyond Theories of Change

February 12, 2010

The ever-growing complexity of our social sector, together with the power of the Internet and the disengagement of government, has created a decentralized model of social change. As a result, the l

Elements of a New Paradigm: Evaluation

February 11, 2010

The shift away from a philanthropic paradigm based on demonstration projects and government-sponsored replication has also fundamentally altered the role of evaluation in philanthropy.

Quote of the Weekend

February 5, 2010

King Gama's Song
(from Princess Ida, music by Arthur Sullivan, libretto by W.S. Gilbert, 1884)
If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am:

Katrina @ 5

February 2, 2010

The five-year anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are coming up this fall, and to mark the occasion more than 30 organization are gathering in New Orl



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Rip Rapson
President and CEO
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