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America Reimagined

November 4, 2009

Every year, the quaint seaside town of Camden, Maine is transformed into a festival of ideas.

Get Out and Vote!

November 2, 2009

All across the nation, voters will be heading to the polls tomorrow.

Philanthropy's Patient Capital

October 23, 2009

Often times, philanthropy requires patience. We can research an issue, develop a policy framework, plan an education and awareness strategy, activate our advocates, and build our coalition of partn

Improving Census Data

October 22, 2009

Participation in the 2010 census is a huge opportunity to shape the distribution of roughly $400 billion a year in federal funds to state and local governments. Census data guide government decisio

The Problem of Youth Violence

October 21, 2009

Chicago gets lots of attention these days, both good and bad. It’s a beautiful, wonderful, complicated, and diverse city, with great assets but many challenges.

Designing Efforts and Charting Courses of Action

October 20, 2009

If philanthropy is an active effort to promote human welfare, how do we design our individual or collective efforts and chart a course of action to promote the welfare of our communities?

Reasons for Optimism

October 19, 2009

Imagination is a powerful force. The human capacity to look at a problem, and imagine a way to solve it, lies at the heart of the progress and innovation for which our nation is so justly proud.

Fourth Future: Renewal

October 2, 2009

My fourth scenario focused on a long-overdue renewal. There is nothing like a crisis to focus attention on needed improvement. Mergers and acquisitions can be a sign of desperation or a way to stre



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