Melinda Gates

A Couple of Articles of Note

In today's Chronicle of Philanthropy, Thomas Tierney and the Center's Faculty Chair, Joel Fleishman, discuss the recent announcement that 40 very wealthy individuals and families, at the encouragement of Bill and Melinda Gates, have taken the Giving Pledge, promising to donate half their wealth to good causes.

And over at the Center for Effective Philanthropy's blog, Phil Buchanan has written a heartfelt and moving thank-you to Joel Orosz, who recently announced his retirement from Grand Valley State University.

Finding the Incentives and Leadership for Change

I wrote last week about how new tools like the Strategy Landscape data visualizations can help promote the adoption of new behaviors and practices in philanthropy by making it easier for people to work in new ways.

But new data and tools can only take us part of the way. In What’s Next for Philanthropy, my co-authors and I also explore two other critical ingredients for change in the coming decade: new incentives and new leadership.

Calling All Billionaires: Starting a New Foundation Isn’t Your Only Option

I want to thank my friends at Duke University for letting me serve as guest blogger on the Intrepid Philanthropist this past week. Offering unsolicited advice to the Friends of Buffett and Gates (FOBGs) as they consider how to make a splash with their philanthropy has been more fun than I'd imagined. And it’s reminded me of all the great things that are happening in this field, and of all the smart thinking grantmakers are doing about how best to put their philanthropic resources to work.

Calling All Billionaires: Cut the Red Tape

Ask a group of nonprofit leaders what bugs them most in their dealings with foundations, and I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts someo

Calling All Billionaires: Fund Organizations, Not Projects

It’s great news that Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates are asking

Transparency for Offense, Not Defense

As I explored yesterday, there’s a dark side to the Transparency Revolution and the Web 2.0 tools that are powering it.