Learning from Disappointment

(Another) Cautionary Tale for School Reformers

When Philanthropists Get It Wrong

Money PhotographEconomist Zoltan Acs, who has made his academic mark mostly by thinking and writing about entrepreneurship, ha

Course Syllabus Database has launched

The Center is pleased to announce the creation of a new resource for the field, the Philanthropy Course Syllabus Database.

The Course Syllabus Database contains a collection of syllabuses for courses on philanthropy contributed by scholars from institutions nationwide, including Indiana University, the Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and Princeton University. Course titles and descriptions are fully searchable. Users can also browse by focus, keyword, institution, instructor, and year offered. The syllabuses themselves are stored as read-only PDFs behind a free registration wall.

From Service to Organizing: The Story of Sapientis

After graduating from the Kennedy School in 2001, Kristin Ehrgood moved to Puerto Rico with her (now) husband, Vadim Nikitine, with the ambi

Perhaps Change Starts at Home: University Outreach Programs

Many university community involvement programs and outreach programs represent the problem I suggested in