"Winding Down The Atlantic Philanthropies: The First Eight Years: 2001-2009," by Tony Proscio

Prepared by philanthropy consultant Tony Proscio, the report addresses the questions raised by the seminal decision made by Atlantic Philanthropies founder Charles F. Feeney to witness the social benefits of his donation during his lifetime: spend how? spend on what? organize how? evaluate what? These questions present new layers of complexity and an assortment of fine-grained operational challenges that are uncommon, or at least take very different forms, in foundations that operate in perpetuity. How Atlantic confronts and resolves those questions is the subject of a series of reports that begins with this submission.

Proscio, Tony, 2010. "Winding Down The Atlantic Philanthropies: The First Eight Years: 2001-2009." Durham, NC: Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University.

The report is also available on the website of the The Atlantic Philanthropies.

As part of the Center's project on spend-down, Professor Joel L. Fleishman has written an account of the AVI CHAI Foundation's progress in its decision to spend down. To learn more about Professor Fleishman's report, click here

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