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In Africa, Asia and Latin America, citizen participation through a range of civil society organizations has become a growing and vital force. Civil society organizations have brought significant material and human resources from the community level to bear on poverty problems through donations of time, energy, materials and money. Locally managed and controlled organizations that provide direct financial support to other organizations within their societies have been established over the last decade in many southern countries. Few of them were created with a single large endowment, as was the case with most northern private foundations. Most of them rely on a wide range of strategies to mobilize financial resources, including earned income contributions from individuals and corporations and grants from international organizations. Some managed donor-designated or donor-advised funds following the US community foundation experience.
To distinguish this type of southern foundationlike organization from northern foundations, the term "civil society resource organization," or CSRO, has been proposed. This term refers to organizations which combine financial assistance to community-based organizations and NGOs with other forms of support for organizations or the civil society sector as a whole.
Child Relief and You (CRY), founded in 1979, is an independent trust dedicated to the cause of deprived Indian children. Originated through the efforts of a single individual, Rippan Kapur, CRY tries to provide a future for these children through their basic rights to food, shelter, health and education. CRY has evolved dynamic strategies to enable underprivileged children to realize their potential, and estimates it has helped 650,000 children.
Since its inception, CRY has generated substantial resources through the sale of greeting cards and related paper products, and through donations solicited from individuals, groups, and corporations. Product sales and potential donorbase considerations have influenced decisions on expansion to metropolitan areas beyond Bombay.



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