Connecting for Health: A Public-Private Collaborative: John and Mary R. Markle Foundation, 2002

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In its Health program, the Markle Foundation seeks to ensure that the enormous potential of information technology (IT) is realized in the health and health-care fields, and that the primary beneficiary of this realization is the patient. To that end, the Foundation in 2002 launched Connecting for Health: A Public-Private Collaborative. The initiative draws together all the relevant stakeholders in the field, including physicians, hospitals, patients’ advocates, IT professionals, and government, in an effort to guide the spread of IT into healthcare. In 2002, the Foundation committed $2 million to the project, much of which has gone for research, small demonstration projects, and other ways of building the evidence base to encourage the development of personal, portable, electronic health records. The money spent by Markle has been primarily for the "glue" that binds together the project’s more significant efforts. The real meat of Connecting for Health is its steering committee and its working groups. The steering committee, now composed of over sixty members, includes an enormous range of stakeholders all working though their many differences toward shared goals—the improvement of health care provision, the increased accessibility of health care to all Americans, and the maintenance of high standards of privacy in medicine.



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