National Violent Death Reporting System: Joyce Foundation, 1994

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A lack of comprehensive information about the circumstances surrounding incidents of gun violence facilitated disagreement over the underlying causes and appropriate policy responses to gun violence. When studies in 1996 suggested a decline in gun violence had occurred, experts could not agree on the causes of the decline, with some pointing to gun control measures and others to attitudinal changes among young people. In stark contrast to the lack of information on the circumstances surrounding violent deaths and gun-related crimes, a comprehensive database of traffic fatalities, maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has long provided policy makers as well as the public with extensive data about each traffic fatality. No such database had ever been available for gun violence, even at a local or regional level, prior to the Joyce Foundation’s involvement. In 1994, the Foundation made an initial grant to Dr. Stephen Hargarten at the Medical College of Wisconsin to begin a pilot database of violent and gun-related deaths in an eight-county region in Wisconsin. . . .



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