The Nurse-Family Partnership: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1978

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Children born to low-income, first-time mothers are at increased risk for a number of problems, including low birth weight, abuse, neglect, and juvenile crime.765 With this in mind, the Nurse Home Visitation program was conceived by Dr. David Olds, who, in 1978, approached the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for help in funding a study to determine whether the risks associated with low-income, first-time pregnancies could be mitigated by partnering nurses with at-risk pregnant women.
For over twenty-five years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has provided ongoing support to the Nurse Home Visitation program (later renamed the Nurse-Family Partnership). The Foundation has supported research—especially controlled, randomized trials—in order to measure specifically the effectiveness of nurse home visitation. RWJF has also funded the program’s replication at sites across the United States.



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