Institutional Setting for Nonprofit/Philanthropic Economics

Course Syllabus Focus

Civil Society
Philanthropic Foundations

Course Syllabus Institution

Indiana University
Steinberg, Richard

The course provides a broad overview of nonprofit institutions and philanthropic practices, along with a discussion of available data sources on each. We discuss the size and scope of nonprofit organizations, revenue and cost structures, governance practices, regulation and taxation, and relations between nonprofit organizations, for-profit firms, and government agencies. Then we look at patterns of philanthropy—who gives, to what, and in what form—and public policies that affect giving behaviors.

Blog Posts

More on time, value, and time limits

February 19, 2018

A new report applies a theory of time and value in philanthropy to three real cases, to see how a foundation could decide whether to operate with a limited life, based on the amount and kind of value it hopes to create.


Oct 05

Rip Rapson
President and CEO
The Kresge Foundation