Program Evaluation

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The increasing call for accountability and competition for resources has given the demonstration of the effectiveness of programs more importance, prominence and attention within the United States nonprofit sector.  It has become a major focus for nonprofit leaders, funders, accrediting organizations, board members, individual donors, the media and scholars, and it is clear the demand for program evaluation is growing. A byproduct of this demand is the increasing use of program evaluation as a management tool and component of organizational performance measurement. 

Alaimo, Salvatore
Grand Valley State University

Incubators of philanthropy

September 5, 2014

A new report shows philanthropy and civil society coming to life in the great emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.



In the United States, when we wonder how the philanthropic urge begins, and how it grows, we tend to seek answers mainly in the realms of philosophy and psychology: what motivates people to give, what values attract their support, and what satisfactions they derive from giving.


Climbing toward the finish line

July 29, 2014

The newest installment in our ongoing chronicle tells about the year The Atlantic Philanthropies defined how it was going to end, and what its final goals would be.


Several weeks ago, Chris Oechsli, The Atlantic Philanthropies’ CEO, posted an online essay whose headline declared that Atlantic is “NOT spending down.” In no time, a couple of old friends and foundation-watchers wrote me to ask, “What?! When did they change their minds?”



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