Some Strategies Beginning to Pay Off

Joel L. Fleishman


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In 2005, following the strongly implied wishes of its donor, the AVI CHAI Foundation’s Board of Directors decided that it would expend its full endowment and cease operations within 15 years. The reports in this series, including the three previous reports (First Annual Report to the AVI CHAI Foundation, Gearing Up to Spend Down, and Shifting the Spend-Down into High Gear), describe the process by which AVI CHAI plans and carries out its grantmaking so as to achieve significant, lasting objectives in the time remaining and leave its grantees stronger and more fully equipped to carry on the parts of their mission that the Foundation has supported. Like its three predecessors, this account is based on interviews with every member of the Board and almost all staff, and with a wide selection of grantees and collaborating funders.

Although the sections that follow describe, in broad strokes, the Foundation’s strategic direction in each of its three geographic regions, this report does not attempt to catalogue all the important grantmaking undertaken in the past year. It focuses, instead, on the extent to which particular initiatives are guided by, the result of, or especially influenced by the institution’s limited lifespan, and how the various lines of grantmaking contribute to the pursuit of an orderly, productive conclusion.


Fleishman, Joel L., 2012. Some Strategies Beginning to Pay Off . . . And Promising Hints of Others, Like Early Glimpses of the Dawn: Year Four Report of the Concluding Years of the AVI CHAI Foundation. (link is external) Durham, NC: Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University.


The report is also available on the website of the AVI CHAI Foundation (link is external).

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