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Learning and Adapting Better in Today's Rapidly Changing Landscape

August 2, 2010

I focused last week on a couple of the ways that funders can begin to “act bigger” in today’s more networked and interconnected landscape for public problem solving. But I want to also give a quick preview of the other major way in which we believe funders will need to improve over the coming decade: “adapting better.”

Innovating Next Practices for Philanthropy’s Next Decade

July 27, 2010

When the Monitor Institute first started its exploration of the evolving “future of philanthropy” ten years ago, I was one of its funders, a program officer at the Packard Foundation. A big part of what we were trying to do was to create an urgency and an awareness that the world around philanthropy was changing, and that if philanthropy was going to remain relevant and achieve its potential in the coming years,
the field—and the institutions and individuals within it—were going to need to change too.

Calling All Billionaires: Cut the Red Tape

July 20, 2010

Ask a group of nonprofit leaders what bugs them most in their dealings with foundations, and I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts someone will mention the onerous administrative requirements tied to many grants. For the Friends of Buffett and Gates (FOBGs) who are considering the challenge to give away half of their wealth, I therefore have a simple request: Make sure the application and reporting processes you create are guided by practicality and mutual need, rather than your lawyers’ cautionary tales.


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