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Calling All Billionaires: Engage the Real Experts

July 21, 2010

The same is true in philanthropy as in life: when we want answers, we tend to go to people we believe are the experts on a given topic. The more money we have at our disposal, the more likely we ar

Calling All Billionaires: Cut the Red Tape

July 20, 2010

Ask a group of nonprofit leaders what bugs them most in their dealings with foundations, and I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts someone will mention the onerous administrative requirements tied to many

Social Impact Exchange, Day 1

June 18, 2010

Day one at SEI10, held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan, was attended by close to 400 funders, nonprofits, philanthropy advisers, and others.



Jan 22

Join Professor Joel Fleishman and the Chief executive Officer of Energy Foundation, Jason Mark - for the Foundation Impact Research Group seminar.