A Work in Progress: Case Studies in Changing Local Workforce Development Systems: The Jobs Initiative Final Report Series–Volume 1

Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation

Date: 2005

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged kids achieve better results. Through its experience with various initiatives, the Foundation concluded that kids do better when their families do better, and their families generally do better when the parents have access to good jobs and are economically successful. Therefore, AECF sought ways to help disadvantaged families improve their connections to quality employment with advancement opportunities. The result was the Jobs Initiative, a multi-city, eight-year effort to identify improved workforce development approaches and to attempt to take those enhanced practices “to scale.” Beginning in 1995, AECF funded local organizations in six cities to serve as intermediaries, to mobilize local institutions and other stakeholders, and to identify mechanisms to improve workforce development services for disadvantaged job seekers. The balance of this monograph examines the experience of trying to promote intentional workforce development system improvements in four of the Jobs Initiative sites: Seattle, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As will be seen, across these four mini case studies there is considerable variation in the nature of the system changes being sought and the strategies used to accomplish them.

Link: A Work in Progress: Case Studies in Changing Local Workforce Development Systems

Keyword: Evaluation Partnership

Region: Northern America