Conservation and Revitalisation of Historic Mostar

Source: Aga Khan Development Network

Date: 2004

From the very beginning, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) and the World Monuments Fund (WMF) realised that the reconstruction of the Old Bridge (Stari Most) of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) without an in-depth rehabilitation of the historic neighborhoods flanking it on the picturesque Neretva riverbanks—its matrix, as it were—would be devoid of context and meaning. Thus the whole work program was shaped in such a way as to establish a framework of urban conservation schemes and individual restoration projects that would help regenerate the most significant areas of historic Mostar, and particularly the urban tissue around the Old Bridge. This publication celebrates the completion of a five-year-long restoration and rehabilitation carried out in parallel with the restoration of Mostar’s most famous landmark. While urban rehabilitation efforts are planned to continue after the opening ceremony of the Bridge, this documernt records and presents, in conjunction with the inauguration of the Stari Most, the considerable progress achieved so far.

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Keyword: Partnership

Region: Europe