Disaster Response: Recent Case Studies in Response

Source: Aga Khan Development Network

Date: 2007

Since 1994, Focus Humanitarian Assistance, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, has provided a full spectrum of emergency response activities from first response to extended relief and recovery support. When Focus responds to a disaster, it is able to call upon a prepositioned pool of volunteers from within the Ismaili Muslim community in the country of the intervention. Harnessing local manpower for packaging, delivering, and distributing humanitarian relief provides integral support to staff on the ground and ensures that those in direct contact with affected communities are soundly equipped with local knowledge of the terrain, culture and language. Six mini case studies examine Focus's recent activities: October 2005/June 2006—Earthquake Relief in Pakistan October 2005—Earthquake Relief in India September 2005—Hurricane Rita: Response Interventions in the United States August 2005—Forest Fires in Portugal July 2005—Severe Flooding in Mumbai and Gujarat December 2004/February 2005—Indian Ocean Tsunami

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