Establishing Connections Between Evaluation and Program Improvement

Source: Annenberg Foundation

Date: 2004

In December 1994 the Annenberg Foundation awarded $53 million to the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (LAAMP) to supportschool reform across several school districts in Los Angeles County, including the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Annenberg award required that LAAMP raise an additional $53 million in public and private matching funds. This chapter describes how an external program evaluation team that headed up one of the several comprehensive evaluation studies worked hand-in-hand with program staff and others seeking to build and improve one program within LAAMP, Parents as Learning Partners (PLP). The evaluation events reflected the LAAMP philosophy of accountability. They were also shaped, in part, by the participation of the Weingart Foundation, which made a major grant to LAAMP for parent involvement. The Weingart Foundation required separate external evaluations of the two initiatives it supported: PLP and Design for Excellence: Linking Teaching and Achievement (DELTA), an initiative in teacher professional development.

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