The Partnership for the Public’s Health: Findings from the Evaluation

Source: California Endowment

Date: 2006

The growing recognition that social and environmental factors play a key role in determining health status is spurring a movement among more progressive public health departments to expand their focus beyond activities that had come to define public health practice, such as immunization and infectious disease. Public health departments are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to involve community partners in order to meet many current public health threats. However, the knowledge base regarding how best to address the determinants of health and work in partnership with community is underdeveloped. The ability of health departments to adopt such approaches is challenging because there is a need for greater consensus regarding guidelines and best practices. Recognizing this, The California Endowment (TCE) developed the Partnership for the Public’s Health Initiative to demonstrate one approach in addressing these challenges. PPH was a $37 million, five-year initiative to develop partnerships between California communities and local health departments. Fourteen county and city health departments and 39 local community groups (including established service agencies and resident-based organizations) received grants as a part of the PPH Initiative. This report examines factors associated with health department success in working with community groups to improve community health, including addressing the social determinants of health.

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Keyword: Partnership

Region: Northern America