Towards Nuclear Nonproliferation: An Evolving Strategy

Source: Carnegie Corporation of New York

Date: 2004

Since the 1983 inception of its work in the international security field, Carnegie Corporation of New York has sought to identify and address some of the most pressing challenges to the achievement of a peaceful and secure world. One aspect of these efforts has been a focus on nuclear nonproliferation, which has been addressed through an evolving but interconnected set of strategies aimed at responding to the different problems and dangers presented by changing times. This issue of the Carnegie Results explores how, over more than two decades, the Corporation has honed and refocused its grantmaking in this area—first under its Avoiding Nuclear War program in the 1980s, moving through the Cooperative Security program in the first half of the 1990s, to the Preventing Deadly Conflict program in the second half of the 1990s, and now, under the International Peace and Security program—while retaining a consistent focus on applying its resources to the reduction of grave threats to world peace.

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Keyword: Strategy

Region: Asia Europe Northern America