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Chaloner Prize Foundation (1890–1974)

Summary:[1] John Armstrong Chaloner, an attorney, founded the Chaloner Prize Foundation in order to promote opportunities for artists to study abroad in Paris.  The fund, originally called the “Paris Prize Fund,” relied on contributions from various art patrons, but had made only two grants by 1917. In that year, it was reorganized as a fully incorporated grant-administering foundation formally named the John Armstrong Chaloner Paris Prize Foundation but commonly known as the Chaloner Prize Foundation. The first grant awarded after the reorganization was for $4,800 to fund a five-year residency in Paris for a single artist.  In subsequent years, grantees selected every other year would receive $6,000.  The foundation’s final grant was awarded to the American Academy in Room for a fellowship in sculpture.  When the foundation dissolved in 1974, it passed all of its assets and records to the American Academy in Rome.