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Donald W. Reynolds Foundation (1954–projected: 2022)

Total Assets (as of 2013): $175,552,668

As of 2014 spend-down decision: $160,000,000 [1]

Total Giving (up to 2014): $1,800,000,000

Total Giving (2013): $58,939,931

Prominent Grants:$87,000,000 to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, $28,800,000 to the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging. The Foundation primarily focuses on Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma, and has given more than $454,300,000 to nonprofits in the three states.

Summary: Founded in 1954 by the late Donald Worthington Reynolds, a media entrepreneur who founded the Donrey Media Group (now Stephens Media LLC), a Nevada-based media company that owns multiple newspapers and broadcast outlets in smaller markets across the United States.

The Foundation focuses its giving primarily on Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma for capital and planning grants. It also gives nationally for cardiovascular clinic research and the training of physicians in geriatrics, as well as business journalism.

In accordance with its articles of incorporation, the Foundation was designed to terminate rather than continue in perpetuity. The Board of Trustees has determined that the Foundation will cease to make grants on or before 2022. The latest projection (as of 2014) is that the Foundation will close its doors in 2017.