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Endswell Foundation (1992–2009)

Total Assets: $17 million endowment[1]

Total Giving: $20 million[2]

Total Giving (2003-2009): $8.7 million[3]

Prominent Grants: Provided over 700 grants in the environmental and social justice sectors in B.C.; launched Canada’s first social venture fund – Renewal2 Investment Fund; and the incubation of Tides Canada and Tides Canada Initiatives[4].

Summary: Through the 1990s the Endswell Foundation was the largest charitable foundation funding environmental issues in the British Columbia province. Carol Newell founded Endswell with the intention to spend down within a 10-year period- choosing to maximize its immediate impact over its longevity as a private institution. Positive financial markets extended that lifespan to almost 20 years, but the Foundation officially spent down in 2009.

This spend-down strategy is highlighted by the largest annual grant dedicated to building Tides Canada. The Social Justice Fund at Tides Canada supports “innovative initiatives that promote more broadly shared economic opportunity, robust and inclusive democratic process, respect for human rights, and cultural diversity.” Tides Canada will be a lasting legacy: a robust Public Foundation that will serve the philanthropic needs of hundreds of Canadians. Tides Canada will carry Endswell’s work into the future, granting over $80 million to charities since 2000.

Endswell provided 12 years of support to the Hollyhock Leadership Institute (HLI). HLI was formed to build networks, skills, leadership, and capacity within the social change sectors.  HLI offers high level strategic consulting, facilitation, and unique customized programming to enhance careers within civil society.

Endswell played a crucial role in the transformation of the Hollyhock Centre on Cortes Island from a for-profit business into a charitable organization.  Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish and support those working to make the world better.  Offering life skills that serve as the foundation for advancing important societal advances, Hollyhock is now positioned to carry forward long into the future.