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Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund (1951–projected: 2012)

Total Giving (1951-2011): $700,000,000[1]

Total Assets (as of 2011 spend down decision): $280,000,000

Prominent Grants: $5 million to protect Alaskan wilderness, $25 million to the San Francisco Symphony, $40 million to UC Berkeley.

Summary: In 1951, Richard and Rhoda started the Goldman Fund, a philanthropic foundation that gave away nearly half a billion dollars to a variety of nonprofit organizations that are making the world a better and safer place. The Goldmans are known for their commitment to arts and culture, Jewish affairs and the environment. The fund was primarily focused on organizations and projects that have an impact on the City of San Francisco and local Bay Area communities. Richard Goldman passed away in November 2011, and the decision was made to distribute the Fund’s remaining assets to the foundations managed by his three children.