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Robina Foundation (2004-projected: 2025)

Total Assets (2012): $76,591,184

Total Assets (2005): $9,837,990

Total Giving (2012): $26,428,609

Total Giving (2005): $150,000

Prominent Grants: Grantmaking limited to Northwestern Hospital, The Council on Foreign Relations, University of Minnesota Law School, and Yale University.

Summary: The Robina Foundation, a Minnesota-based private grantmaking foundation, seeks to positively impact critical social justice issues by encouraging innovation and financially supporting transformative projects by its four institutional partners. These partners, selected by the Foundation’s founder, James H. Binger, are: Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN; The Council on Foreign Relations, New York, NY; University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, MN; and Yale University, New Haven, CT. The Robina Foundation exclusively supports the four institutions selected by its founder. The Foundation was established upon James Binger’s death, and is expected to spend down 20 years after its creation.