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William E. Simon Foundation (1967–projected: lifetime of sons of founder)

Total Assets (2012): $92,523,052

Total Giving (2012): $11,315,938

Prominent Grants: Prominent grant recipients include Seton Education Partners, New City Kids, Abraham House, and Educators for Excellence.

Summary: The William E. Simon Foundation was established in 1967 and supports programs that are intended to strengthen the free enterprise system and the moral and spiritual values on which it rests: individual freedom, initiative, thrift, self-discipline, and faith in God. The main charitable purpose of the Foundation is to assist those in need by providing the means through which they may help themselves. In implementing this philosophy, the Foundation’s primary aim is to provide inner-city youth with environments, opportunities and encouragement to develop the personal values and skills that will help them become independent, contributing members of society. The Foundation achieves this goal through the support of direct services and public policy research. In its direct services portfolio, the Foundation primarily focuses on Jersey City, the South Bronx, and Morristown, NJ. Public policy grants are awarded to organizations focusing on K-12 education, faith, and family nationally.

To preserve the founder’s intent, the William E. Simon Foundation will spend down within the lifetime of the founder’s sons, predicted to be by 2029.