Certifying America’s Teachers’ Competence in the Subjects They Teach: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1985

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In 1983, a group of individuals assembled at the Carnegie Corporation under joint chairmanship of former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt and Corporation President David Hamburg to discuss the educational needs of the country. Out of that meeting grew the Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy, which in May 1986 presented a report titled “A Nation Prepared: Teachers for the Twenty-First Century.” A primary recommendation of the report was that a profession of better-educated teachers be developed to satisfy the growing need for more, as well as better-qualified, classroom teachers. The report also recommended the creation of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, which would establish teaching standards in course content areas and certify teachers who met its standards.
Governor Hunt led a group of educational leaders in asking the Carnegie Corporation specifically to fund the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards recommended in “A Nation Prepared.” The Corporation granted $1,000,000 to NBPTS to aid its creation, and it continued to make annual $1,000,000 grants to support the NBPTS through 1998. Soon the NBPTS attracted other donors, and the U.S. Congress began supporting NBPTS in 1990 with a $5,000,000 appropriation. . . .



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