Change of Guards and Challenges of New Leadership: Kachi Kanchar Mela (p.78)

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Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Bangladesh seeks to document Asian fundraising experience in order to supplement or replace imported models and experience for use in local training; and to demonstrate that charitable giving and volunteering takes place even in relatively poor countries that do not share Western cultural traditions. The study includes 20 case studies of successful local fund raising.
Kachi Kanchar Melawith two broad objectives:

  • To generate interest among the children about Bengali culture and literature, thus guiding them to grow up as patriotic Bengalis
  • To create sympathy and compassion for distressed people and to create an urge to support those people whenever necessary

In 1999, K.I. Khaled, an experienced banker and a graduate of the Institute of Business Administration, took over as chief executive. His first task was to put all records in order and to identify all the alumni of KKM. He wanted KKM to wean itself from government grants and establish an endowment fund: a sustainable self-supporting base.



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