In the Service of His Creation: Dhaka Ahsania Mission (p.68)

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Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Bangladesh seeks to document Asian fundraising experience in order to supplement or replace imported models and experience for use in local training; and to demonstrate that charitable giving and volunteering takes place even in relatively poor countries that do not share Western cultural traditions. The study includes 20 case studies of successful local fund raising.
In the 1990s, the government of Bangladesh developed a strategy to supplement its efforts in the field of education by involving NGOs. Dhaka Ahsania Mission, with its experience of providing madrasa, primary and literacy programs, became an eager participant. DAM designed its own education program for the non-formal sector. Besides standard curricula, the mission  developed its learning materials to provide moral education, personal hygiene, environment-related consciousness, sanitation and nutrition, and social skills. Evaluation, experimentation, and research support the system.



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