The Story of the Building Bridges Initiative

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During the five-year life of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Building Bridges Initiative (1997-2002), hundreds of bridges were built between practice and knowledge in nonprofit management education. These were bridges between institutions in the initiative, communities, and individual participants in the projects.

Specifically, the initiative’s four goals were:

1. Extend the reach of, and access to, a full range of educational programs, thereby increasing their capacity and that of more diverse and representative Third Sector leaders. The aim was to help educational institutions respond to the changing nonprofit management environment with more effective and efficient programs.

2. Foster more comprehensive nonprofit management education by increasing the capacity of practitioners, scholars, organizations, and institutions to improve practice and contribute to the growing body of knowledge.

3. Continue the commitment to growth and reform in higher education by supporting stronger relationships between the needs of the community and the contributions of higher education institutions.

4. Deepen the impact of educational programs on improving nonprofit management practice by increasing their responsiveness to the field as represented by systematic change in critical areas such as:

• New leadership and management competencies
• Increased diversity in leadership
• Greater policy development capacity
• Improved financial development capacity
• Interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral curricula
• Institutionalization of programs

This report provides one slice of the total story, told by two individuals who were there from the beginning to the end.



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