A Troubled Home for Orphans: Salimullah Muslim Orphanage (p.62)

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Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Bangladesh seeks to document Asian fundraising experience in order to supplement or replace imported models and experience for use in local training; and to demonstrate that charitable giving and volunteering takes place even in relatively poor countries that do not share Western cultural traditions. The study includes 20 case studies of successful local fund raising.
The Salimullah Orphanage provides education to orphans between the ages of six and 18. They receive board and lodging, education and health care, as well as vocational education for those who are interested. The orphanage provides general education from primary to higher secondary, as well as religious, moral and civic education. After the age of 18, the orphan must leave the institution but will be assisted in his/her further study, or to seek employment, and rehabilitation.



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