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October 20, 2009

If philanthropy is an active effort to promote human welfare, how do we design our individual or collective efforts and chart a course of action to promote the welfare of our communities?
At Joyce, we begin with the premise that we have a vested interest in shaping the region where we work and live. We are fortunate to work with a host of issue experts, policy makers, and community leaders to develop workable solutions for many challenges throughout the Great Lakes region. But, collaboration is only one of the tools we use to further our mission. Other tools include:

  • Research & Analysis—defining and documenting problems and developing fact-based arguments for public policy improvements;
  • Policy Development—identifying solutions and evaluating their likely effects;
  • Media Outreach & Public Awareness—amplifying and promoting policy recommendations;
  • Policy Advocacy & Policy Maker Awareness—participating in official proceedings, organizing policy briefings, and providing legal, technical, and writing assistance;
  • Constituency Building—increasing number of partners to demonstrate popular support; including non-traditional allies increases outreach;
  • Implementation & Enforcement—monitoring—and sometimes challenging—rule-making and enforcement decisions;
  • Evaluation—tracking and objectively assessing effects; proposing revisions when warranted;
  • Convening—bringing smart people together to share experience and knowledge; stimulate public discussion.

Tomorrow: The Problem of Youth Violence.
Monday’s post: Reasons for Optimism.

Ellen S. Alberding