Tiger Foundation: Profile in Engaged Philanthropy

Source: Bridgespan

Date: 2007

Tiger Foundation was started by legendary investor Julian Robertson, Jr., founder of Tiger Management. One of the most successful hedge funds of the 1990s, Tiger Management quickly generated incredible wealth for its 20- and 30-year old investment staff. But from the beginning, Robertson also wanted to instill in his employees a commitment to giving back. Equally important, he wanted to cultivate in them the desire to move beyond “traditional charity” and participate actively in the philanthropic process. So he created a venue for doing so, establishing the Tiger Foundation in 1990 with a dual mission that drives the organization to this day: To provide financial support to the top nonprofit organizations serving New York City’s neediest families; To encourage active, informed philanthropy among the staff at the firm. Tiger Foundation has grown to 47 trustees who in 2006 provided over $8 million and 2,400 hours to over 70 education, job training, and social services/youth development organizations. Over the last 17 years, Tiger Foundation has contributed nearly $80 million to organizations in New York City that are working to break the cycle of poverty.

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