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Joel L. Fleishman; J. Scott Kohler; Steven Schindler

January 2007

Casebook for The Foundation: A Great American Secret consists of 100 brief case studies of extraordinary foundation impact. The cases were written as part of the research for Professor Fleishman’s book The Foundation: A Great American Secret—How Private Wealth Is Changing the World and serve to illustrate many of the strategies and tactics foundations use to try to achieve their objectives. The authors of the cases are J. Scott Kohler and Steven Schindler.

Casebook for The Foundation is available for purchase from Amazon and other retailers.

The cases are provided here in read-only PDF format.

  1. Rockefeller University (Formerly the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research), 1901
  2. General Education Board Support for Public High Schools: Rockefeller Foundation, 1902
  3. The Transformation of American Medical Education: The Flexner Report: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1906
  4. Curing and Preventing Disease and Promoting Public Health: Rockefeller Foundation, 1909
  5. Carnegie Public Libraries for America’s Communities: Andrew Carnegie and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1911
  6. Learning to Understand the Problems Faced by Cleveland: America’s First Community Foundation: The Cleveland Foundation, 1915
  7. The Development of Insulin to Treat Diabetes: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1917
  8. Providing Scientific Knowledge to Solve Public Problems: National Research Council: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1917
  9. Pensions for America’s Educators: TIAA-CREF, One of the Wealthiest Pension Funds in the World: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1918
  10. Building Schools for African Americans: Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1920
  11. Economic Policy Research of the Highest Quality: National Bureau of Economic Research: Carnegie Corporation, 1921
  12. Reforming the Legal Profession through Education and Practice: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 1921
  13. The Rural Hospitals Program of the Commonwealth Fund, 1927
  14. Mount Palmomar “Hale” Telescope: Rockefeller Foundation, 1928
  15. The Development of Molecular Biology and the Discovery of the Structure of DNA: Rockefeller Foundation, 1933
  16. Predecessor to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina: The Duke Endowment, 1935
  17. Transforming America’s Perceptions of Relations Among its Races: Gunnar Myrdal’s An American Dilemma: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1936
  18. Support for the Development of the Pap Smear Test: The Commonwealth Fund, 1941
  19. Support of the National Institutes of Health: Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, 1942
  20. The Green Revolution: Rockefeller Foundation, 1943
  21. The Rochester Regional Hospital Council: Commonwealth Fund, 1946
  22. Institution Building for Evidence-Based Public Policy: Ford Foundation, 1948
  23. Preventing Crashes on America’s Highways: Dorr Foundation, 1952
  24. Curbing Global Population Growth: Rockefeller’s Population Council: Rockefeller Foundation, 1952
  25. Facilitating Global Knowledge Creation: University Area Studies Programs: Ford Foundation, 1952
  26. Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1953
  27. Program to Strengthen Business Education: Ford Foundation, 1954
  28. Financing Higher Education for America’s Talented Students: National Merit Scholarship Corporation: Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1955
  29. Vera Institute of Justice: Manhattan Bail Project: Ford Foundation, 1962
  30. Measuring American Education Reform: National Assessment of Educational Progress: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1964
  31. The Development of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Professions: The Commonwealth Fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1965
  32. America’s System of Public Broadcasting and Public Radio: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1965
  33. Bedford-Stuyvesant and the Rise of the Community Development Corporation: Ford Foundation, 1966
  34. Children’s Television Workshop and Sesame Street: Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1966
  35. Federal College Scholarships for America’s Needy Students: Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1967
  36. Social Movements and Civil Rights Litigation: Ford Foundation, 1967
  37. The Police Foundation: Ford Foundation, 1969
  38. The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program: 1969
  39. Environmental Public Interest Law Centers: Ford Foundation, 1970
  40. The National Prison Project of the American Civil Liberties Union: Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1972
  41. Programs to Enhance the Rights and Opportunities of Women: Ford Foundation, 1972
  42. The Emergency Medical Services Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1973
  43. Hospice Care Movement: Commonwealth Fund, 1974
  44. The Tropical Disease Program: Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1974
  45. Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation: Ford Foundation, 1974
  46. Conservative Legal Advocacy: John M. Olin Foundation, 1975
  47. Grameen Bank: Ford Foundation, 1976
  48. Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research Institute: David and Lucile Packard Foundation, 1977
  49. Human Rights and the International Criminal Court: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Open Society Institute, Ford Foundation, 1978
  50. The Nurse-Family Partnership: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1978
  51. Revolutionizing Legal Discourse: Law and Economics: John M. Olin Foundation, 1978
  52. Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC): Ford Foundation, 1979
  53. Support of Democratization and Civil Societies in Central and Eastern Europe: The Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation Network, 1980
  54. MacArthur Fellows Program: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1981
  55. The Enterprise Foundation: Surdna Foundation, 1982
  56. Self-Help: Ford Foundation et al., 1984
  57. Conflict Resolution Program: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 1984
  58. The Health Care for the Homeless Program: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, 1985
  59. Certifying America’s Teachers’ Competence in the Subjects They Teach: Carnegie Corporation, 1985
  60. Cleaning up Boston’s Harbor and Waterfront: The Boston Foundation, 1986
  61. Biodiversity Protection: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1986
  62. School Choice: Vouchers in Milwaukee: Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, 1986
  63. The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center: Aaron Diamond Foundation, 1987
  64. Clare Boothe Luce Program: Henry R. Luce Foundation, 1987
  65. Balancing the Power of College Sports: The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics: John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, 1989
  66. Goldman Environmental Prize: Richard and Rhoda Goldman Environmental Foundation, 1989
  67. Cooperative Security and the Nunn-Lugar Act: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1989
  68. Care at the End of Life: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Open Society Institute, 1989 and 1994
  69. New Standards Project: Pew Charitable Trusts, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1990
  70. Sustainable Environment Programs: Pew Charitable Trusts, 1990
  71. KIDS COUNT: Annie E. Casey Foundation, 1991
  72. The Transformation of the Kaiser Family Foundation: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 1991
  73. The Energy Foundation: MacArthur, Pew, Rockefeller, Hewlett, Packard, McKnight Foundations, 1991
  74. Central European University: Open Society Institute, 1991
  75. Living Cities: The National Community Development Initiative, 1991
  76. The Tobacco Use Programs of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1991
  77. Charter Schools Funding: Walton Family Foundation, 1991
  78. JSTOR: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 1992
  79. International Science Foundation: Soros Foundations/Open Society Institute, 1992
  80. Support for Asian Studies and Cultural Exchange: Freeman Foundation, 1993
  81. The Prostate Cancer Foundation, 1993
  82. Paul B. Beeson Career Development Awards in Aging Research Program: Commonwealth Fund, Hartford Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, Starr Foundation, 1994
  83. Picker Institute: Commonwealth Fund, 1994
  84. College and Beyond Database: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 1994
  85. National Violent Death Reporting System: Joyce Foundation, 1994
  86. National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency (NURCHA): Open Society Institute, 1995
  87. Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: Pew Charitable Trusts, 1995
  88. Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1995
  89. Computational Molecular Biology: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1995
  90. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations: David and Lucile Packard Foundation, 1996
  91. United Nations Arrears Campaign: United Nations Foundation/Better World Fund, 1997
  92. Youth Development Program: Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1999
  93. The Plan for Transformation of Public Housing in Chicago: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 1999
  94. China Sustainable Energy Program: David and Lucile Packard Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 1999
  95. Smart Growth Initiative: Surdna Foundation et al., 1999
  96. International Fellowships Program: Ford Foundation, 2000
  97. Sustainable Development in the Great Bear Rainforest: David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, et al., 2000
  98. Talented Students in the Arts Initiative: The Surdna Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, 2000
  99. A Model for the New Inner-City School: KIPP Academies: Pisces Foundation, 2000
  100. Connecting for Health: A Public-Private Collaborative: John and Mary R. Markle Foundation, 2002