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Fleischmann Foundation (1951–1980)

Total Assets (at creation): $50,000,000[1]

Total Assets (as of 1971): $100,000,000

Total Giving: $192,037,457[2]

Total Giving (1970):  $4,400,000

Prominent Grants:$1,000,000 to the Nevada Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources for acquisition of land in the state, and more than $19,000,00 to the University of Nevada.

Summary: The purpose of the trust was to distribute funds for specific projects of religious, educational, charitable and scientific nonprofit organizations in the United States. It was designated from the Foundation’s start that all funds were to be distributed within twenty years from the date of the death of the Major’s widow, Sarah Hamilton Fleischmann, who died July 4, 1960. By July 4, 1980 all of the Foundation’s assets had been liquidated and the proceeds distributed in “termination grants.”

During the existence of the Foundation the Trustees made 1,962 grants totaling $192,037,457 to 790 grantees. The University of Nevada System received the largest amount in 45 grants totaling $19,375,037. These grants assisted such projects as the construction of the Planetarium, Home Economics and Agriculture buildings; establishment of the Desert Research Institute; and purchase of the College Inn. Nevada was also the recipient of many other millions of dollars in grants, ranging from scholarships established for high school seniors, Native Americans, students of Fish and Game and Forestry, and medical and dental students; to hospitals and libraries for all Nevada counties. Organizations such as the YMCA also received funding.