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JDR 3rd Fund (1963–1979)

Total Assets: $10 million annually[1]

Summary: The JDR 3rd Fund was the primary philanthropic institution of John D. Rockefeller 3rd. The Fund did not have an endowment, but rather was funded annually by JDR 3rd, usually to the tune of $10 million. The JDR 3rd Fund was incorporated in 1963 “to stimulate, encourage, promote, and support activities important to human welfare.” The Fund allowed its founder to address his varied interests in fields not served by such organizations as the Population Council and the Asia Society.

The Fund was engaged in three major programs. The Asian Cultural Program promoted East-West cultural understanding. The Arts in Education program aimed to make the arts an integral part of education at all levels. Another major program, the Youth Task Force, was established in October 1970 to promote collaborative efforts between youth and business and professional leaders. Other projects of the Fund included the Bicentennial Project, the teaching of English in Japan, domestic volunteer service in Indonesia, and the study of the impact of private philanthropy in American life.

After JDR 3rd’s death in 1978, the Fund was dissolved. Its Asian Cultural Program was continued by a new organization, the Asian Cultural Council[2].