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Whitman Institute (1985–projected: 2022)

Total Assets (as of 2011 spend-down decision): $12,000,000[1]

Total Assets (2013): $12,546,314

Total Giving: $1,279,000

Prominent Grants: Prominent grant recipients include Active Voice, Mediators Foundation, and the Right Question Project.

Summary: In 1985, at the age of 71, Mr. Whitman founded The Whitman Institute as a small, operating foundation to explore how to help people improve their everyday problem solving and decision-making. His core question was how the interplay of thinking and feeling affects our choices, actions and relationships. His focus was primarily directed by personal experiences and his family history. He hoped that TWI could offer practical information and tools to the public.

In 2005, TWI switched from an operating to a grant-making foundation. The early portfolio was weighted toward organizations working in education, civic engagement, and leadership development. As time went on, focus turned to community organizing, film, and journalism. Most of the grant making was oriented towards social/economic/political equity.

In 2011, TWI made the decision to maximize its impact in the philanthropic world and spend down all of its assets by 2022.