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December 15, 2009

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we learned of the planned construction of the modestly named Utopia, a 971-foot cruise ship that will follow an itinerary of “international cultural and sporting events” such as the Monaco Grand Prix (that’s a car race, btw) and the Dubai World Cup (that’s a horserace).
Utopia’s marketing material describes the tub as not a mere cruise ship but rather as “the most opulent residential ocean liner ever built.”
Yes, that’s right: “residential.”
But what if, in the down time between six-course gourmet meals, hydrotherapy treatments, and attendance at the Nagoya Basho (that’s a sumo tournament), you begin to feel a tad guilty about having spent $24 million on “oceanfront property” that floats?
No problem!
Utopia will have on staff a Philanthropy Concierge to see to all your charitable needs.
As David Robb, chairman of Utopia Residences, says in the WSJ story, “This project is not just about people spending on themselves and living a luxurious lifestyle on the ship. . . . It’s also about traveling with purpose and meaning.”
Our only question: How much does one tip a Philanthropy Concierge?

Barry Varela