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ClearWay Minnesota (1998–projected: 2023)

Total Assets (at creation): $183,000,000 [1]

As of 2013:  $89,331,817 [2]

Total Giving in 2013: $3,848,173 [3]

Prominent Grants: Tobacco-related research, programs, and initiatives in Minnesota. 2014 recipient organizations include the University of Minnesota, Center for Energy and Environment, and the Public Health Law Center.

Summary: ClearWay Minnesota was created in 1998 to oversee 3 percent of a $6.1 billion tobacco settlement fund received by the state of Minnesota. It is an independent nonprofit organization with a limited lifetime of 25 years.

ClearWay funds initiatives around smoking cessation, tobacco control among priority populations (including African Americans, American Indian nations, Asian Americans and Pacific Islander-Americans, Chicano Latinos, the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community, eighteen- to twenty-four-year olds, and labor union members), and community-based efforts to pass smoke-free policies. It also funds scientific research on tobacco use prevalence, quitting beliefs and behaviors, secondhand smoke exposure, and the impact of public policies on tobacco use.

The organization accepts grant proposals only periodically through a requests-for-application (RFA) process, when posted on the organization’s web site; unsolicited requests for funding are not otherwise considered or acknowledged.