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Lenfest Foundation (2000 – projected: 2023)

Total Assets (2013): $103,125,296

Total Assets (2001): $155,637,336[1]

Total Giving (2013): $7,476,737

Total Giving (2001): $8,366,066

Prominent Grants: Primarily focused on students in rural Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Prominent programs include The Lenfest College Scholarship Program and other programs aimed at early childhood education and career and technical education.

Summary: The Lenfest Foundation is a private foundation that was established by H. F. (Gerry) and Marguerite Lenfest in 2000. Its priorities are The Lenfest College Scholarship Program, primarily for students from rural areas of Pennsylvania, and career and technical education, early childhood education and out of school time programs for disadvantaged youth, primarily in Philadelphia.

The Foundation plans to close out within 10 years of its founders’ deaths. In 2013, Gerry Lenfest stepped down as head of the Foundation, and an independent board took over leadership. At that time, he also donated another $80 million to the Foundation, which will be spent down over the next 15 years, primarily on programs to benefit disadvantaged Pennsylvania youth[2].